Food Diary, July 22,2014

Yesterday was quite busy.

I puttered in the garden, watering and weeding a bit. I tied up the tomatoes and picked some cucumbers.

Later in the day, I made three jars of pickles–a quart and two pints. One pint was whole dills, and the other quart and pint were hamburger dills. I find that the larger cukes are better as hamburger dills. If I try to make them into whole pickles the family says they are not as crisp. That brings my total to 3 quarts, 3 pints of dill pickles.


I picked about a cup of blueberries. I’ll freeze them soon.

I also picked about a pound of blackberries. Most of the berries in the field are gone, but I was pleased to find that there are still plenty in the wooded areas of the property. When blackberries first came in, I was busy trying to stay ahead of the weeds. So I missed the first ones. But I will have plenty of time to catch up.

I also chopped up six or eight peppers for the freezer. They will be good this winter in jambalaya.

Last night, my daughter caught a catfish from the pond. It gave us about 1.25 pounds of fillets. My hubby cleaned it an the fillets are waiting in the fridge to be breaded and fried.

That’s supper for tonight!


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