The Weekend

By the time this weekend was over, I had processed 14 quarts and 2 pints of the peaches that I bought last week.

I’d also whipped up a batch of yummy peach jam. That will taste so good on some hot biscuits this winter.

I bought some strawberries, about 6 pounds of them, and froze them for smoothies.

I’ve also made some dill pickles. Cucumbers continue to trickle in from the garden a handful at a time. I picked enough in the last two days to need to make another couple of jars of dill pickles again today.

A good friend of the family brought some tomatoes by. Mine haven’t really started making much yet, since our garden went in so late, so it was nice to have some fresh tomatoes. I’ll be putting them up this afternoon.

I did use some of the tomatoes and peppers that our friend brought by to make some homemade salsa this weekend. I don’t like salsas from the store, but fresh, homemade salsa is a real treat. I love making it for the family because it gives my kids some veggies that most of them will happily eat.

Here’s how I make salsa. The measurements are not exact. You can add a little more of this or that if you have it handy.

Homemade Salsa

  • 2-3 large, juicy tomatoes, diced
  • 1 bell pepper, diced
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder (I use onion powder because no one likes the texture of real onions in my house. If you like, you can add a half of a chopped onion instead)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

Combine the veggies, onion powder, and garlic in a large bowl and stir well. Add about a half teaspoon of salt and a couple tablespoons of vinegar. Taste, and add more of whatever you think is lacking. Remember, there is no wrong way to make salsa! Every batch is going to be a bit different, so use your imagination. Salsas are best if they can sit in the fridge for several hours or overnight to allow the flavors to blend.



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