We Need Rain!

Things are really very dry here.

It’s been weeks since we got a good rain. About a week ago a storm system came through. It hit all around us, but we didn’t get a drop of rain. I was sitting there watching the radar and groaning as the clouds of green made a gap over my area.

According to the ten day forecast, there is a slight chance of pop up thunderstorms this Thursday or Friday. I hope we get lucky.

However, I when I really think it over, I am already pretty lucky.

I have already had a decent amount of vegetables from my garden. And, if it doesn’t produce another thing, I can buy food for my family from the bulk food co-op or just from the grocery store. While I love the flavor and nutrition of fresh veggies, my family won’t go hungry if we don’t get much from my garden this year.

Many people across the world are not so lucky. I can’t imagine waiting on rains that don’t come and watching your children get thinner and hungrier with each passing day. Knowing that if your plants don’t produce, it will be six long, lean months before you can try again.

Thankfully, I will still manage to feed my kids, one way or another.

This afternoon, I was out watering the garden. Hopefully, I can keep things alive until the next rain shower comes.



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