Planting Again

Last night, I ran the tiller over a bed in the middle of our orchard. At one time, this bed held strawberries. I’ve also grown tomatoes, and more recently, I grew a mass of zinnias in this bed. So far this year, it’s just been weeds.

This bed is going to hold my fall veggies. My current garden is up by the barn in what is our corral. That’s the best dirt on our place due to the fact that we run cows up there in the winter. The manure, urine, and rotting hay have made the dirt rich, soft, and wonderful for growing things.

However, as soon as our summer crops are done, we will need the corral for cattle stuff. We’ll turn them in there to eat the corn stalks and other vegetable debris.

For this reason, my fall crops have to be grown somewhere else.

Today in the small bed in the orchard, I put in quite a few sugar snap peas, some mesclun mix, spinach, and some red romaine lettuce. I’ve never grown any of that stuff, so I may be planting too early or I may have messed something else up. I guess I will have to learn how to grow it, just like I learned to grow tomatoes, corn, and other stuff.

I can’t wait for everything to get to growing!

Sugar Snap Peas

Photo credit: Jennifer, Sugar Snap Peas, via Flikr


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