Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn, CORN!

When the garden starts bearing, it seems like there’s not much time for any extra pleasurable activity like writing, even though there is so much to tell about. The last week has been a flurry of picking veggies, washing them, preparing them for freezing or preserving, and cleaning up the kitchen one more time.

Saturday, my daughter and I started picking veggies around 9:30 in the morning. We found lots of green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, and corn ready.

My husband mustered the rest of the troops, and they spent an hour or two shucking corn and helping me wash it. I spent much of the rest of the day cooking corn and cutting it off of the cob for the freezer. It was 4:30 before the final corn cob was done.


My Pampered Chef corn cutter bit the dust a few weeks back. It’s just too dull for anyone to safely use it. I almost removed the tip of my finger, and did remove part of my fingernail. Having a dull tool is more dangerous than a sharp one. My husband nicely sharpened my old-fashioned knife so I could cut corn the old-fashioned way. I didn’t get hurt that way, at least.

Nothing goes to waste on the farm. The corn shucks and cobs go to the cows. We don’t spray our garden, so the tips of most of our ears had a little worm damage and more than a few gross-looking corn worms. We just whack the tips off with a butcher knife. The corn tips go to the chickens which peck each kernel from the cob. Even the worms don’t go to waste. My son carefully picks them up and puts them in a container to feed the chickens later. The hens will turn those nasty worms into nice, tasty eggs for our breakfast table.

So far I have over 40 quart bags of whole kernel corn in the freezer.


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  1. Congratulations – all that farm fresh food will taste delicious this winter. 🙂

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  2. Oh, yes! That is why I do it!


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