First Calves of the Year!

I love the fall.

All of the best things happened to me in the fall.

My birthday is in the fall.

I always loved school growing up, and school started (at least when I was a kid) in the fall.

I was married in the fall.

I’ve always lived in the South, so fall’s cooler temperatures are a nice change from the blistering heat and high humidity that makes summer so miserable.

However, right now, the best part of the fall is that it is calving season.

Although we do a ton of gardening and such here on the farm, our biggest project is our beef cattle. We have a herd of about 15 mama beef cows. At any given time, we may have between 20 and 30 head of cattle on the farm.

Calving season is the best part of farming in my opinion. The miracle of birth never gets old. It is just as magical the 30th time around as it was the first time ever.

The calf slips from its mother’s womb, slimy and wet. It lifts its head, sneezing and snorting. It shakes its sloppy, wet head, and the ears that were previously plastered flat against its head fly out erect.


The mother sniffs and licks and nuzzles her new little one, She coos softly at her baby constantly. Her rough tongue rubs the baby all over, cleaning the birthing slime from the calf.

The fact that a brand new momma cow usually knows exactly what to do is so miraculous!


The calf, if the birthing was normal, usually staggers to its feet about 15 to 20 minutes after birth. The calf bobs its head in search of the source of life-giving, warm colostrum.  It may fall down and get back up several time, but most of the time, the calf manages to figure out which end of a cow has an udder and how to suckle,

They just know what to do.

I love it!

Sunday morning, we had our first calving. Yesterday afternoon, calf number two showed up.  We still have quite a few more calves coming too.



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