Sweet Potatoes

This is the first year I’ve ever grown sweet potatoes, and WOW! It really was a bumper crop. My two youngest kids and I went out and dug the potatoes a few weeks ago. Each plant yielded a huge clump of gorgeous orangey red roots. From just nine sweet potato plants, we ended up with 40 pounds of potatoes!


I didn’t realize it, but sweet potatoes are best if you wait a bit before you eat them. Most sources recommend putting the sweet potatoes in storage in a dry, warm place for about 6-8 weeks. The potatoes “cure,” meaning the skins harden and dry out. Also, any cut places kind of scab over so the potatoes will keep longer. Additionally, this curing time helps the potato become sweeter and more flavorful.

If you eat the sweet potatoes baked, you definitely want to wait the full curing time. However, if you bake them into casseroles or pies, the curing time isn’t as crucial. We couldn’t wait that long, and made a sweet potato casserole the same day that we dug the potatoes. It was fabulous!


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