Sweet Potatoes Indoors All Winter? Maybe…

When I dug up my sweet potatoes, I noticed that there were vines that had taken root all over the garden. So, I pulled them up, trimmed them and placed them in a jar on my windowsill. I’m hoping that I can keep them alive over the winter and plant them next year.


Already, tiny roots are growing longer on the vines. In a month or two, if they are doing well, I will pot them in soil. I don’t know if it will work or not. It’s just a whim that I’m going to try. You know what they say, Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I also tried something else. I found some absurdly small sweet potatoes in the ground when I was digging them up. I’ve seen online that some people poke them with toothpicks, suspend them in a glass of water and wait for the potato to sprout. I’ve done this too in my kitchen window. The potato already has a few fine roots on it. We’ll see what else happens over the winter.


If all else fails, I’ll just buy another flat of sweet potato seedlings again like I did this year. I planted 9 this last spring. I’ll probably plant twice as many next year.


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