Ordering Garden Seeds

Winter cabin fever is getting bad around here, but one way that I combat it is to plan my summer garden. I didn’t even make it to the end of January before the garden planning bug hit me. Yeah, actually it was New Years’ Day that I was making lists and checking out gardening websites.

I like to try new seed companies each year. Last year, I ordered from Burpee and from Baker’s Creek.This year, I ordered from Baker’s Creek and Pinetree.

My experience with Baker’s Creek was excellent; I love their catalog, their excellent item descriptions, and I REALLY love their flat rate shipping. Whether you are buying 5 seed packets or 25, they ship everything for a low $3.50. This year, I bought more seeds from them.

My Burpee experience last year was very positive too. I like that they shipped promptly. The main reason that I bought from them was that my son wanted to grow peanuts. Their prices were fair, but they don’t offer quite as many of the hard-to-find varieties that makes ordering online appealing. As I said, peanuts were the main reason we ordered from Burpee. However, their catalog is gorgeous, and makes gray, winter days more bearable, with plenty of fodder for gardening daydreams.

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds has a lovely catalog too. They also offer flat rate shipping for $5.99. I’ve never ordered from Annie’s, but this year, I almost did. I think next year, I may try out this company.

Pinetree Garden Seeds and Accessories has a nice catalog, although it is not quite as fancy as any of the above companies. However, the contents are good. Pinetree not only offers a wide variety of garden seeds, but they also offer a huge selection of extras. They sell books, knitting yarn and supplies, teas, cosmetic ingredients, kitchen supplies, and more. I ordered from Pinetree this year, and I can’t wait for my order to arrive.

While I got a stack of gardening catalogs about 3 inches high this year, these four were my favorites. You can visit each website and request a free catalog from each link I posted.



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