Kitchen Organization

My friend moved out of state this winter. It made me terribly sad, but her moving inspired me to do something that has been a long time coming. She spent weeks decluttering her house before she moved. She then had a garage sale and used the proceeds to save for some new furniture for her new home.

While I am not a fan of garage sales, my kitchen was in bad need of a decluttering. So, I spent about a week pulling out everything I owned in the kitchen and evaluating whether I needed to keep it or not. I was ruthless. Anything that didn’t work properly was ditched. Anything that was redundant I ditched. (who needs 5 crock pots? Really!)  Anything that was in sad shape I discarded.

I eliminated 2 crock pots, tons of plastic serving utensils, tons of plastic food storage containers, serving dishes that I hadn’t used in years, and anything that was chipped or icky looking. I discarded a couple of cheese graters, the punch bowl that I’ve NEVER used, and several decorative platters that I’ve never even touched. I pulled down all the stuff that used to live on top of my cabinets as decor items, scrubbed the greasy residue off of them (what is that nastiness?) and evaluated which items I LOVED and which ones I just really was hanging onto for no real good reason. I gave away several items to people who really liked them instead of just keeping them. I hope that these things bring someone else joy, rather than just frustrating me when I pull them out and scrub them twice a year.

Then, I rearranged everything so it fits more sensibly in my cupboards. The electrical appliances are all in the same cabinet. The baking pans are all in one spot. I can easily find anything I need in my kitchen, provided the kids replace items properly when they unload the dishwasher. (HA!)

I ended up with one entirely empty kitchen drawer, so I was able to move all my spices into the drawer. My previous way of storing spices was to cram them into a cupboard and shut the door real quick before anything could fall out. Then, would cautiously open the cupboard and try to find what I needed without dropping anything on my head.

Most of my herbs and spices are now in a kitchen drawer. Now, of course, they are not alphabetized (nope, not going that far with this organization thing) but I can easily find my spices when I am cooking. I just used sticky labels that I already had in a drawer to label the tops of the plastic containers.

I’ve always loved cooking in my kitchen, but now it works even better for me.

What about you? Take a day or two and declutter and reorganize your kitchen. Don’t wait till spring cleaning! Use a long, cold, snowy winter day to make your kitchen work for you.


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