Bygel Rail

Each year, I set up an Amazon wishlist to help “guide” my family members in shopping for me. I have a great family, but many times, they just have a hard time choosing gifts that I would love. So I do this, and it helps them. My wishlist is so huge that it’s often a surprise what is in my packages because I forget what I’ve stuck on there.

Anyway, for Christmas, I had an Ikea Bygel rail storage system on my wishlist. My husband bought it for me, and when I opened it up, he gave me a look like “I have no idea why you want this thing. But here you are!”

I just got around to putting the thing up about 2 weeks ago. I love it!


You see, I hate kitchen counter clutter. My family homeschools, and often our books and junk are scattered on the counter already, so anything else makes things worse. Also, I hate having to move lots of odds and ends to get scattered crumbs, and with four messy kids, there are tons of messy crumbs. Add to that the tiny ants that seem to find any missed bits of food in the kitchen every spring, and you can see why I like my surfaces clear.

My Bygel rail enabled me to eliminate from my countertops:

  • My bottle of Vitamins
  • My measuring cups set. (I love this set of measuring cups, made like a set of Russian nesting dolls)
  • My salt and pepper shakers
  • My entire canister of utensils.
  • I also was able to get my measuring spoons out of the drawer and keep them right out where I can quickly retrieve them.

I am not a handy lady, and I was able to mount it quickly. Unfortunately, Ikea does not include mounting hardware, but I was lucky enough to have appropriate screws and drywall anchors in the house (after 17 years, my husband has finally trained me to never hang things without drywall anchors). Mounting my Bygel rail took less than 20 minutes and I just needed the hardware, a hammer, a pencil for marking the spots, and a screwdriver. A level might be handy, but I was able to eyeball it fairly well.

So yeah, the Bygel rail (and the storage basket, which comes separately) was a win at my house. If you have limited counter space or, like me, just hate countertop clutter, you may want to buy one for yourself.



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