Seed Starting Time!

This week has been a cold and miserable one here in Middle Tennessee.  We Southerners don’t handle things like snow, ice, and severely cold weather very well. We’ve been stuck at home for most of the week. The upside is that I’ve not had to put on make-up or pants with a real (in other words, non-elastic) waistband. The downside is that much of my time has been taken up with keeping our animals fed and watered in the record-breaking cold temps.

We do have insulated, automatic waterers in the fields for the livestock. However, they are not heated, so when it gets down into the single digits with below zero windchills, they just aren’t insulated enough. Hauling water to 25 or 30 thirsty cows, 3 horses, 8 sheep, and a bunch of chickens when it’s super cold with snow and ice on the ground is not my idea of fun. I’ve poured gallons of warm water into the waterers to “unstick” the mechanical parts and get the well-water flowing again, only to have to repeat the performance in just a few hours.

 photo 100_7376_zps5e897680.jpg

To remind myself of summer, warm temperatures and hot, sunny days, I started my first batch of seeds in the windowsill. I planted three different varieties of tomatoes and three different varieties of peppers.

For this first batch, I planted some Early Girl Tomatoes, some Black Brandywine tomatoes, and some Opalka Tomatoes.

I also planted Poblano, King of the North (bell), and  Leutschauer Paprika Peppers.

I can’t wait until the first fuzzy sprouts start poking their heads up in my seed trays.


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