Planning the Garden

I have been planning my garden ever since New Year’s Day! It won’t be long before Old Man Winter finally makes his final bows and disappears for about 6 months, and I am so anxious for the return of blue skies, sunny days, and plenty of rich black dirt in which to dig.

Here’s the basic plan for my garden so far:

Green Beans– Royal Burgundy; Contender; Taylor Horticultural (all bush beans)

Tomatoes–Red, Black, and Pink Brandywine Tomatoes; Opalka Tomatoes; Cherokee Purple Tomatoes; Early Girl;

Sweet Corn–Peaches and Cream

Popcorn–Miniature Colored Popcorn

Cucumbers–Boston Pickling; Sumter Pickling

Okra–Clemson Spineless

Zucchini–Dark Green Zucchini

Peppers–Corno del Toro; Anaheim; Leutschauer Paprika; Poblano Peppers; King of the North;

Squashes–Vegetable Spaghetti; Variety of Pumpkins for Halloween

Melons– Jubilee Watermelons;  Moon and Stars Watermelons; Orangeglo Watermelons; Hale’s Best Cantaloupe

Garden Berry Garden Huckleberry

Shell Beans–Jacob’s Cattle Gold Beans

Sunflower photo 100_1905.jpgSunflowers–A variety of differing types

Beauregard Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes–White, red and, perhaps, a blue type.

I am sure there are some things that I’ve forgotten. I just can’t wait for winter to end so I can actually get started planting this stuff! Bring on the sunshine!



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