Spring Busy-ness

The irony of farming and blogging is that when you have lots to write about, there’s very little time to write about it! That’s how this spring has been. We’ve been hustling like crazy to get things taken care of. The end of the homeschool year, a drama production, and an ill family member has meant that my blogs have not been front and center for several weeks…okay, months. However, today’s rain means that our corral turned into a boggy mudhole, and we won’t be vaccinating cows, fly tagging them, and freeze branding like we’d planned. So I can write.

Farm Updates:

We’ve gotten the garden planted and done the first tilling. The seeds are growing well. We had to water the first two weeks because we had an unusually dry May. Thankfully, with the well in, I can use well water to run the sprinkler on the garden, and I won’t drive up my water bill.

Our sheep are growing well. Their winter coats are almost shed out, (except for one or two poor warm sheep) and they look so sleek and pretty. Skippy the Ewe grows more and more fat each day. She looks like she could lamb any day now, but she’s looked that way for about 3 weeks. I don’t know how her udder could get any bigger!

May 10th 2015 030

My red cow who is supposed to be my milker is still nutsy. She’s scared of pretty much everything. I’ve had her since Christmas, but I can’t seem to make much progress with taming her. I can feed her out of my hand, but she get so nervous in the barn and she hates being tied to a halter. She’s also scared to death to have her body touched or handled. I’m trying something new this week: feeding her in the barn twice a day to see if I can help her learn to relax in the stanchion.

Rosy the red cow
Rosy the red cow

I bought 4 chicks for my two youngest kids. They’ve never raised any chicks themselves, and they wanted to give it a try. I am not sure what breeds all of them are. I know there’s an Americana, Rhode Island Red, and a Leghorn in there, but I am not sure what the forth chick is. I guess we will find out.

We’ve trimmed fruit trees and done our best to keep them sprayed. I’m cautiously optimistic that maybe we will have fruit this year.

We also got the hay barn finally completed and our fencing done. Those projects have been in the works for about a year, so it is quite a relief to finally get them knocked out.

So you can see that we’ve been busy, even if I’ve gotten behind on my blogging.


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