Lemon Zest

Lemon is one of my absolute favorite flavors. Lemon poppy seed bread, lemon meringue pie, lemon bars…all of these are frequently found in my kitchen. The tangy, citrusy zing just tickles my tongue.

The best way to get a strong lemon flavor in baked goods is to use lemon zest in a recipe. Lemon zest is the yellow part of the lemon’s peel. It packs a huge flavor punch in any lemon flavored recipe.

However, the tricky part of getting lemon zest is getting the zest without getting the bitter white peel that is underneath the zest. In the past, I’ve used a vegetable peeler to remove strips of zest and a chef’s knife to mince it thoroughly. This takes awhile. I’ve seen others use a cheese grater to remove lemon zest, but I think I need a new grater because this never works for me.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a Microplane Zester-Grater from my favorite online kitchen store, the Chef’s Corner Store. I was shocked by how simple the task of zesting lemons was with the proper tool. I had a dozen lemons on my counter, and in less than ten minutes, all of them were reduced to white, pith covered fruits. I had a huge pile of finely grated lemon zest to pop in the freezer. In fact, in just one swipe, I could get all of the zest off of one chunk of the lemon. I simply had to rotate the lemon in my hand, and it took no time to scrub the zest off.

The Microplane Zester Grater is very sharp. In fact,  it took a little bit of practice to get the hang of exactly how much pressure I should use. I didn’t want to go to deep and get any of the pith. But it only took a few tries before I figured it out. Even my 10 year old daughter could help me with this chore.

I also was able to use the zester to shred a chunk of Cheddar cheese from my fridge. The handle is soft and comfortable in my hand too.

Clean up was quick and simple. I dunked the Microplane Zester in a sinkful of warm soapy water and swished it around to dislodge any chunks of zest. Then I just popped it into the dishwasher along with the rest of my dishes.

I’m very satisfied with this new kitchen tool. It fits neatly in a drawer covered with the handy shield to avoid accidentally grating your hand. It feels solid and durable. And I will be glad to be able to have almost instant lemon flavor whenever I want.

Microplane Premium Zester Grater from the Chef’s Corner Store


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