My Summer

Here it is almost November and I haven’t posted in…

A really long time.

This summer was a difficult one. We have a family member who is terribly ill, and we spent lots of our summer out of town caring for this person. Much of our travel was in late-July and August…right about time the garden was really coming in. When you are only at home four days out of seven, canning and peeling and scrubbing and chopping are not really things you can do.

It makes me sad to think of how much of my garden simply went to waste simply due to lack of time to pick and process it. The days that we were home, I tended to focus on the essentials, and our outdoor time was usually spent in the hay field.

Nevertheless, I did manage to get almost all of my sweet corn in and a decent amount of green beans. I suppose, though, I am just going to have to buy most of my tomato sauce this year. My white potatoes were great, although we’ve already eaten them up. The sweet potatoes were amazing! I dug two huge bags of them.

 photo corn_zpsabzynth5.jpg

I took the fences around the garden down and the cows have been able to clean up what is left. I never have to turn under the garden debris. The cows do a great job of eating anything that’s left and churning up the garden spot.

Lazy gardening method, but very effective. I also love that nothing really ends up wasted because some sort of animal will eat it.

I will end up having our garden grown sweet corn, green beans, and sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and probably, Christmas dinner.



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