Where Did Ewe Come From?

I’ve enjoyed our Katahdin sheep much more than I expected. They’ve been much easier than I thought they’d be. They’re tough little sheep. This fact really was evident this evening when I went out to do my nighttime chores.

Because it was Sunday, I was a bit rushed this morning. I fed Millie, the milk cow, and let her out of the barn to her calves in the corral up by the barn. Of course, on a morning when I am trying to rush and get things done so I can leave for church, something would go wrong and it did. Millie turned left upon exiting the barn instead of right, and before I knew what had happened, Millie and one calf were running around in the snowy yard, three sheep were wandering through the barn, and I was trying to figure out how to get everyone where they were supposed to go. Eventually, I did get the animals in their rightful places. I fed and watered the chickens and fed and watered the ewes and lambs in our pen in the barn. While I did look at the sheep flock in the corral, I didn’t look too closely.

Our barn pen is one large pen, but since I’ve wanted the ewe-mamas and the lambs indoors while it’s been so cold, at nights I’ve taken a corral panel and subdivided it into two. During the day, when Millie is in the corral with her calves, the mamas and babies have full use of the whole area, but at night, I set up the panel to split it in half. This evening, I ran all the sheep to the back of the pen and put Millie in the front of the pen.

I gave the corral sheep a bucket of water and walked over to the automatic waterer that only Millie and the calves are smart enough to figure out. I wanted to double check that it’s still working and not frozen. As I came around the large hay feeder in the corral, I noticed two little white lambs. At first, I thought the twin lambs from the barn had escaped, but these two ran right up to me and started baaing like crazy. When I got a closer look, I realized that these were two newborn lambs. They had to have been born late this mornin2016Snow Storm 037g, judging by their cords. They were dry, frisky, and SO very cute. Their mama is a sheep we call Long-Tail, because her tail is longer than anyone else’s.

After a lot of juggling of animals, we now have the brand new twin ewe lambs and their mama in the barn together. Millie is in the barn too, and all the older lambs are in the corral, where I am sure they will be perfectly fine.

Thankfully, Long-Tail knew what to do and gave birth without assistance. She’s mothering her two little ones very well. I had no idea she was so close to lambing or she would have been in the barn too! But, all’s well that ends well as they say.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I’ll make some more tomorrow. The light was fading fast when I discovered these little ones.



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