Summer: Hay

Here it is almost to mid-June. So many things still haven’t been done yet.

I still have no garden in.

We’ve been waiting on some cow stuff, so it hasn’t happened. However, this week, we’re hoping to get that done. I really do miss the garden. The man of the house wondered aloud if I’d rather just not do one this year, since it’s so late and we will have to water. I said, “No way! I love the garden.”

We do have a well, so I can water from that if I need to.

Right now, though, nothing can happen until we get the hay in. The Man of the House has been cutting, raking, and rolling hay for almost 7 days straight. He has a friend who works the hay fields with him.

After tonight, we’re hoping that we’ll have the first cutting of grass hay in the barn.

However, we’ve already done one cutting of alfalfa, and about the

time that we get the grass hay up, it may be close to time to do the alfalfa again.

It’s always something!




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