Mess Free Watermelon

A memorable part of summer is hot sticky evenings, gathered as a family, eating a juicy watermelon. Mom would spread layers of newspaper on the table to catch the drippy mess while dad would get out the big, sharp butcher knife. The melon would split open with a satisfying crack, revealing red flesh studded with the black seeds. The old window air conditioner would rattle in the kitchen as dad sectioned the melon into wedges, one for each of us.

I remember as a kid that it didn’t bother me to be all sticky with the juice of the watermelon dripping down my chin and off my elbows. I’m sure my mom wasn’t as thrilled with the prospect of mopping floors when the family was done eating watermelon. As an adult, I’m not so crazy about wearing my food, and don’t even get me started on the mess in my kitchen that slicing watermelon creates.

So when Life Perfect sent me a coupon code in exchange for my honest review for this watermelon cutter, I thought, Why Not? I added the product to my order and when it came, I happened to have a large watermelon available to test it.

I liked the way it worked. It took some time to get the hang of running the horizontal metal bar down into the melon, but by the time I was done with the first watermelon half, I’d pretty well had it figured out.

At first, I held the tool with the crescent shaped blade  curving up, but this was too hard. When I actually looked at the directions, (DUH!) I learned that I was holding the tool upside down. Once I corrected my technique, I quickly learned how to slice the melon into easy to eat slices.

Quickly and easily, I was able to empty the watermelon rind of it’s juicy flesh. Now, I have two whole bowls of melon to eat whenever we want to. Only one complaint, and it came from my daughter. She showed up just as I was finishing. She wanted to know why I’d ruined the melon because she prefers to eat it the “old fashioned” way, with juice all over her face!

The melon cutter is accompanied by a melon baller. I haven’t used it, but it seems well made. I really like too that they are ALL dishwasher safe. Now, honestly, there were a few splatters of juice on the counter from where I sliced the melon up, but it was much less messy than it would have been if I’d chopped it up the old fashioned way.



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